Donnie Pyle

I’m a lifelong Elvis fan but never dreamed I’d be onstage paying tribute to the king

It all started when I attended a family Christmas party and performed an Elvis song.  “Return to Sender” became “Return this Blender,”  a comical song about a blender I bought at Walmart but had to return because it would not work. Well, it was a big hit so every year the family wanted “Elvis” back at the Christmas party. One song became several and eventually a concert for the family and friends. When requests for bookings started coming in, I was hooked.  The rest, as they say, “is history.”

I’m not Elvis and never pretend to be, but I have a tremendous respect for the man and his music and his impact on the entertainment industry forever.  It’s an honor and privilege to pay tribute to Elvis and I make every effort to stay true to the exact style and sound of the King.  Clients have extremely high expectations when hiring “Elvis” and I strive to always meet that expectation and to my knowledge have never let a client down.

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  1. Norman Virgil says:

    Have a small bar in crowley tx about 6 miles south of down town ft worth, we seat about 75 people have been here 20 years. On may 12 2012 have a young lady birthday party is a huge Elvis fan would like to have you do a show on that date form like 9 to 11 are 10 to 12. if you are open and we can afford you it would be great. Let me know what the price is please by email or phone # 817-568-1404.

    Thanks Norm

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